Top 10 Auction Tips for Your Next Casino Fundraiser

Helpful-tips-200x140 Top 10 Auction Tips for Your Next Casino Fundraiser1. Run the auction yourself.

2. Promote high-end auction items to your guests before the event. This creates a demand and desire.

3. Always start the opening bid 25-30% above the retail cost of the item. Make sure not to go below 25% to avoid the risk of losing money.

4. Package gift certificates and other smaller items together to increase their value. Pairing small items will up the chance of them being bid on.

5. Create a bidding war by having a unique and rare auction items.

6. Close the silent auction right after the life auction guarantee checkout is organized at the end of the event.

7. Position the auction tables near the bars.

8. Make announcements throughout the night reminding guests how much time remains before the silent auction closes. The last minute push is the key to success.

9. Display a winners board near the checkout table. This will lower the traffic at the check out tables.

10. Disclose all terms and conditions for all the auction items.