Size Matters

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Why Are Full Sized Blackjack Tables So Important to You?

Our full sized Blackjack tables provide up to 30% more playing than the smaller party sized tables. This means more comfort and more guest interaction at the tables! We can entertain far more players at our full sized tables than can be comfortably accommodated at the smaller sized home party versions. Simply put, you are getting more value, more interaction, and more fun for your money.

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Casino Special Event Table Games – You can count on a true casino experience!

  • We are passionate about quality and authenticity!
  • Guests recognize when the gaming tables are the smaller, scaled down casino party models instead of our real full sized tables!

We use full sized authentic gaming equipment; from our casino dice to our lush padded, deep dyed blackjack layouts and real casino cards. Our top of the line equipment and great service ensures a flawless performance every time.



Do not be misled by companies that mischaracterize the quality of our tables. This tactic is nothing more than a cheap sales trick. Our tables are regulation tables, which are approved by the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission. We provide service to many high-end clients including Fortune 100 companies.

All our tables are flexible in order to fit through narrow doorways. Therefore, the legs selected are the strongest found on the market that are removable or foldable and come with cam locks for added safety. These table legs were intentionally selected for their stability, adaptability, and safety. Not only can the legs adjust up and down for the option of sitting or standing players, but they provide a very wide sturdy base and are rock solid. Some of our competitors use folding wood legs. We intentionally did not select these because they are not as stable and the dealers legs can be seen through them. Each of our casino tables has a large comfortable regulation size playing surface, which contains wide cushioned and padded armrests. Each table looks fantastic with Premier Banquet Hall quality black skirting. This gives the table a more substantial and solid look just like a real casino table.

Do not trust devious sales techniques. Some other casino companies, in and out of state, request our services to do parties for them. Check out our gallery and/or inquire with our long list of references to see our quality for yourself.