Money Machine

Have you ever fantasized about money raining down on you? Well, we can make that fantasy come true when you choose the Money Machine to be a part of your next event!

Our Money Machine is one of the most sought out money blowing machines in the market! This cash cube has flashing lights for special effect, an electronic message display, and a digital clock. Being constructed out of polish steel gives our Money Machine a very sleek and high tech look that will sure attract your guests.

Our Money Machines are great for:

  • Grand Openings
  • Vendor Booths
  • Tradeshows
  • Fairs, Community Events
  • Special Events and much more….

The money machine is the #1 product to draw crowds to your business or booths. People are curious because they see money blowing around and then the excitement starts when people are in the machine trying to grab the money.

How to attract crowds:

  • Use play money with coupons or incentives good only for your store or booth.
  • Try a drawing to obtain customer contact information draw names to enter the Money Machine!
  • Spin the prize wheel to win a chance in the money machine!
  • Fill the Money Machine with play money, real money and/or coupons or give out promotional items with your branding information.
  • Use a question & answer section…if the answers are correct…the customer enters The Money Machine to win cash or Prizes!
  • Play the Action Lottery Game…choose 6 numbers; anyone who grabs all 6 numbers wins cash or prizes.
  • Have people enter a drawing for a chance to play the Money Machine

By placing the Money Machine right in the middle of the room at any these themes event will guarantee a crowd and generate excitement! Who wouldn’t be excited about money raining down on them?