Viva Las Vegas

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Make a night memorable with our Viva Las Vegas Theme!

* Note many other items can be customized to work within this theme


Props and Décor

  • 8 Table Casino Royale – Professional dealers/Pit Bosses.  Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Craps, Caribbean Stud, Slots, etc.  Optional comedy/actor dealers.
  • Money Machine – Inflatable or hard case.  Rentals and sales
  • Casino Style Acts, Entertainers, and Dancers
  • Casino Decor and Props – Big dice, chips, backdrops, lighting, and more
  • Custom Slot Machines – Themed custom slot machines
  • Night at the Races Horse Betting – Big screen horse betting complete w/ announcer and custom programs
  • Look-a-Likes – Casino acts, Celebrities, Movie Stars, etc
  • Big Screen Sports Betting – Big screen sports betting complete w/ announcer and custom programs
  • Custom Raffles and Silent Auctions – Raffle Drums, auctioneers, fundraisers, etc.
  • Video Poker
  • Texas Hold-Em Tournament – TV and Casino style tournaments.  From 4-100 tables
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Game Show – Interactive host, big screen productions, etc.
  • Crab/Goldfish Racing – MC/Announcer... Custom programs available; real crabs and goldfish in thrilling light-hearted competition.
  • Comedy Shows – Shows for all ages and genres...  From edgy to light humor.
  • Sports Simulators – Surfing, Snowboard, Skateboarding, Baseball, Golf, etc.
  • High Roller Photo Bar – Custom labeled and themed items
  • Custom Casino Funny Money – Custom printed bills and chips w/ your theme as the focus
  • Inflatable Challenges – Inflatable competitions... Velcro Olympics, Rock Walls, Gladiator Jousts, Human Foosball, Obstacle Course, etc.
  • Las Vegas Photo Mirage – Las Vegas style superimposed photos... On currency, dice, VIP cards, high roller cards, etc