Dixieland Theme

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Make a night memorable with our Dixieland Theme!

* Note many other items can be customized to work within this theme
Enter the days-gone-by era of travel on the Mississippi River. Roll down the river aboard an old-fashioned paddle boat listening to the Dixieland or Jazz music! Recapture the  mystique of the old South with riverboat gambling, a palm reader, strolling musicians, and/or a mime. Don't miss the boat.

Props and Décor

  • Mississippi Riverboat mural
  • Mississippi Riverboat gambling sign
  • Smoke stacks
  • Ship captains wheel flat
  • 2 quarter helm flats
  • Wooden pier pilings with fish netting, rope, and realistic lobsters and crabs
  • Wooden lobster trap with lobsters
  • Wooden crates (3)
  • Whisky barrels (2)
  • Additional fish netting
  • Red, white and blue cloth buntings
  • American flag
  • Balloon twist columns


Photo Station: Many clients choose to capture their event on film. Utilizing some of the Roaring 20's props listed above, we can create a backdrop for a photo station. Guests can have their picture taken from a professional photographer! Polaroids or Digital print photos are available.


Additional Accents:  Dixieland or Jazz Bands, red, white and blue table covers, captain's hats and skimmer hats, balloon centerpieces, individual streamer poppers, "Gambling on the Mississippi" casino games like blackjack and roulette, gangplank entrance way, wooden lifeboat and oars.