Rules of Money Wheel

The Basics: This game called Big SixMoney-Wheel-229x229 Rules of Money Wheel, Money Wheel, or Wheel of Fortune is played on a vertical rotary large wheel with a fixed indicator/pointer on the edge. The wheel has 54 (USA) or 52 (Australia) slots/sections representing six groups of the six main betting odds. The number of slots in each group is indirectly proportional to the odds they offer (the higher the odds the fewer the slots). The object of the game is to guess in which group slot on the big six money wheel the indicator will point to when the wheel stops following the spin.

How to Play the Money Wheel: Playing the money wheel is very simple and requires no skill. Just place your bet before the big six money wheel is spun. When all bets are placed, the dealer grabs one side of the wheel and spins the wheel with a strong pull and push downward action.
The wheel then makes a few turns and slowly grinds to a stop. The marked number the indicator points to when the wheel stops is the winning number and payoff amount. You may bet on one or more numbers at the same time. Below are the groups division and number of slots in each group, the odds, payoffs and house edge.

Big Six Money Wheel Slots, Odd and Payoffs:
54 slots in total:
24 slots at even, marked $1 pays 1 to 1
15 slots at 2:1, marked $2 pays 2 to 1
7 slots at 5:1, marked $5 pays 5 to 1
4 slots at 10:1, marked $10 pays 10 to 1
2 slots at 20:1, marked $20 pays 20 to 1
2 slots; one Joker and one Logo at 40:1 each, pays 40 to 1 (some places pays 45 to 1)

House Advantage:
Even bet: 11.11%
2:1 bet: 16.67%
5:1 bet: 22.22%
10:1 bet: 18.52%
20:1 bet: 22.22%
Joker or Logo, 40:1 bet: 24.07% (14.81% at 45:1)