Rules of Caribbean Stud Poker

The Objective:The main objectivecaribbeanstud1-229x229 Rules of Caribbean Stud Poker of Caribbean Stud Poker is to make the best possible poker hand out of five cards. If you feel that your hand is higher than the dealer’s, you will make an additional bet. If your hand is higher, you win.

The Rules:

To start, place a bet in the box called “Ante.”
You will then be dealt 5 cards. The dealer will also have 5 cards, one of which will be turned face up.
If you choose to fold, you lose your Ante. If you play, you must bet double your Ante in the box labeled “Bet.”
The Dealer must have Ace/King or higher to play. If the dealer does not have Ace/King or higher, the players win even money for their Ante.
If the dealer plays with Ace/King or higher and beats the player’s hand, the dealer then collects the Ante and the Bet.
If the player beats the dealer, the player gets odds on his/her winning main bet and even money on the Ante.
One hand maximum per player. Players must be seated at the table. All cards are to remain on the table. Players may not discuss their hands. This could result in forfeit of their Ante.