Beware & Compare | Why Casino Special Event Stands Out

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Professional Las Vegas Style Casino Party

• We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.
• We specialize in casino theme parties!! We are not a just party planner or DJ company.
• We supply only high-grade club style or and casino style equipment:. Our club casino tables have metal folding legs and skirting. Our casino style tables have all wooden legs ( both the half drum style and the “H” wooden leg style) With either style – the gambling table tops are casino grade.
• We use 11.5 gram clay casino chips, not plastic or colored. Most companies do not provide this type of casino chips.
• They are made of ABS composite (clay like material, used in the professional poker chips industry). Practically the same stuff casinos are making their chips from.
• The inside of the chip is metal – for the extra weight.
They feel great. Same as casino chips, not as plastic. They look professional – because they are !!!.
• They are heavy and weigh 11.5 (that’s more than 0.4 ounces) each.
• The size is 39mm (little more than 1.5″) – OFFICIAL CASINO SIZE !!!.
• And anytime you throw them on the table – you will LOVE the sound !!!
• We pride ourselves on our customer service and are fully staffed to meet your casino theme party needs.
• Our casino packages are available for either 3 hours or 4 hours.
• We do not sub jobs out to other companies. We stock our own equipment.
• We provide FUN, FRIENDLY, and PROFESSIONAL dealers with a least five years casino experience, who come dressed in either full suited tuxedos or tuxedo shirts, bow tie and vests.
• Don’t be fooled by price. You get what you pay for. WE DARE YOU TO COMPARE!! Please view our photo gallery.
• Casino Special Event has locations within 1 hr of your party event.