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It is the policy of this company to meet or beat any reasonable written proposal by any LEGAL OPERATOR (licensed, bonded and insured) on any casino package you receive elsewhere.

100-money-back-guarantee Best Price Guaranteed
With our goal of 100% customer satisfaction and to always exceed our client's expectations...

1. If you're ever less than 100% satisfied with any of the programs that we supply, we'll gladly supply you with a complete refund for that program.

2. We know that times are tight for all of us. Please give us a chance to meet or beat any written, bona fide competitive bid! Simply provide us with a copy of the bid, and we'll sharpen our pencils. If we can't at least meet their price, we'll give you a gift for allowing us the opportunity to try and do business together. Best price guaranteed!

In addition, as an incentive, we will supply at no cost (professional courtesy) the following items:

603857_10201069266476435_1444858295_n Best Price Guaranteed

1. CASINO NIGHT sign 4’ X 8’ with white lights around the sign $550.00

IMG_0370 Best Price Guaranteed
2. 30 feet of multicolored pipe and drape ($10.00 running foot) $300.00

008_zps9f2e082b Best Price Guaranteed
3. Casino Bank 4’ X 8’
a. bank teller windows (red) sits on top of an 8’ banquet skirted table $350.00

4. 3 costumed characters for selling raffles
a. Queen of Hearts Costume $25.00
b. Joker Costume $25.00
c. Slot Machine Costume $25.00

5. Mardi Gras Canvas Backdrop 12’ tall X 30’ long ($30.00 running foot) $900.00

TOTAL VALUE: $2,525.00

To qualify for this special deal a minimum total of twenty (20) casino tables must be used.

With over 40 years of experience, we don't meet expectations, we exceed them. We have the highest rated client references and testimonials in the business, and we will always offer the best price guaranteed.

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Good for Casino Events in NJ, NY, PA . Other areas may also be covered.