Casino Night, a Success!!

corporate-team-building-sobo-1-229x229 Casino Night, a Success!!
Win, lose or draw it was successful corporate team building event. More than 100 employees attended the event. Everyone in attendance was treated to a buffet and different gaming tables. Everyone I spoke with had a wonderful time. I want to thank everyone, from staff to guests for their tireless effort they put into making this a casino night. Continue reading

Team Building Casino Night: Miami Beach Style

Hoffman-La Roche held PC080221-150x150 Team Building Casino Night: Miami Beach Style a corporate team-building Casino Night at the Liberty House Restaurant with a variety of casino tables. They divided their employees into 4 teams based on colors: Purple, Yellow, Blue, and Green. Each team participated in some friendly competition to win the most money after a time limit of 2 hours.

When a team member lost all of his or her money, they reported to the Money Machine! The goal once a player steps into this wind-tunnel of faux bills is to catch as much money as possible and place each bill into a given apron. Only specific bills count, however. The ones with marked amounts are able to be cashed in for chips by any dealer. Continue reading