Create a Casino Playlist for Your Next Party

casino-music-notes-300x240 Create a Casino Playlist for Your Next Party

Why not get in the gambling mood by creating a casino playlist for your next casino party! Mix some Vegas and gambling for a great time!

The list below is a suggestion of some of the classics!

· Deuces Are Wild, Aerosmith
· Poker Face, Lady Gaga
· Les Go To Vegas, Faith Hill
· Waking up in Vegas, Katy Perry
· The Gambler, Kenny Rogers
· Leaving Las Vegas, Sheryl Crow
· Viva Las Vegas, Elvis Presley
· Sin City, AC/DC
· The Gambler, Kenny Rogers
· Here’s to Las Vegas, Barry Manilow
· Luck Be a Lady, Frank Sinatra
· Big in Vegas, Buck Owens
· Blackjack, Ray Charles
· Money, Pink Floyd

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