All In For Their Employees

IMG_8157-150x150 All In For Their EmployeesA major fast food corporation wanted to show appreciation and gratitude towards their employees. What better way to show it than to have a Casino Night!!! There the employees can spend their well-earned time to enjoy themselves for the day. It is also a terrific opportunity for them to relieve the stress from all the challenging work.

The event was an Employees Appreciation Day, and it was held in Woodbridge, NJ at the Renaissance Hotel. The Renaissance Hotel is a modern style hotel that has 22 meeting rooms and a business center. Other features inside this splendid hotel are a chic bar and lounge, and an Italian restaurant. This was a perfect location for the Casino night. The date of the event was Dec 2nd, 2017

The event hit the Jackpot!! The attendees at the event thought they were in Vegas. There were casino tables everywhere you looked. The tables featured card games such as poker and blackjack. The participants of the events also tried to win big at Craps and Roulette tables. And if they wanted to try their luck even harder the Big Money Wheel gave them that opportunity. The wonderful and friendly dealers and casino workers made the experience for those who attended even that much better.

The Casino Night event also included DJ Danny, he controlled and played the Viva Las Vegas music that set the proper mood and vibe for the casino party. Never a dull and quiet moment during the event. Another popular attraction that was at the party was the photo-booth. This was a fantastic way for the high rollers to take picture perfect images. These photos helped them keep the fun memories they had that day.

The employees that attended the Casino Night absolutely loved it. They felt like there were in Sin City. They couldn’t get enough of it. They all let loose and were carefree throughout the day. The crucial result was that they all had fun. But most importantly they felt the appreciation that the corporation had for them. And that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.

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